Thursday, May 21, 2020

I just released a new solo album of very stripped down songs and improvisations
Here's an excerpt from the liner notes: 

"In the past two years I spent a lot of time in a large bog behind my parents’ home in the Hudson   Valley. I also spent a significant portion of my childhood there - running around, hopping between   small tussocks and climbing the trees that grew straight out of the still water. I used to have dreams   that  the bog was two or three times as deep as it really was and extended infinitely. In these dreams I   was always paddling a canoe slowly and ducking under low hanging branches, occasionally feeling a   leaf or a soft spiderweb brush against my ear. Late last summer the bog flooded and looked quite like   my recurring dream. Not deep enough for a canoe, but all the old trails disappeared and after   a certain  point, I was the only person who wanted to go back there since getting anywhere meant   being waist  deep in icy water. It felt like a new world that I had to myself that could radically change   or disappear  entirely at any moment."

Feel free to stream on bandcamp or purchase it there and then continue to stream it on your device! Edwin Huet did the mastering so you know it sounds good (he's great).
All the songs are short and inspired by birds, wind, water - stuff like that. I hope you enjoy. 

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