Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Fundraiser/Delayed Album Release Friday 6/5 8:30 PM

During this week of uprising I want to use whatever small platform I have to raise awareness about a) police violence and b) the profound importance of black music on every sound you hear. This livestream was originally scheduled to correspond with what has been dubbed "bandcamp day", where bandcamp waives their revenue share in an effort to support artists during the Covid-19 pandemic. I'd love for any listeners to choose to buy my album because if they do, all proceeds will be split evenly between the Brooklyn Bail Fund (helping to bail out arrested protesters), and the NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund (look them up if you don't know). Additionally, I encourage and ask you support black artists whose music is on bandcamp - if you only have funds to buy one album, choose an album by a black artist. All aspects of my musicality are deeply influenced by black music (Hell, one of the tracks is literally dedicated to Blind Willie Johnson) so I will be briefly discussing the history of some artists that I find particularly profound. I'm no historian so it won't be nearly expansive enough - I'll be providing links and resources to learn more about the history of American music for anyone interested... I encourage you to be interested. What we have all witnessed and seen in our country this past week is shocking to me, and that in it of itself speaks volumes of the extent to which I still need to work to educate myself on the history of this country and the daily experiences of people of color. This is by no means shocking, or unprecedented - white supremacist violence is baked into the core of our country. The response of people who are similarly shocked and disgusted and angry at this state of affairs however, has filled me with great hope. Please help support the brave people fighting for a better life against the forces of oppression in this country.

Here is the link to the livestream:

This will not be promoted/shared much on social media so as not to clog people's feeds which mostly contain important safety information regarding protests/police activity. Black lives matter. Thank you for your support!

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